My 1965 Mustang
Right after I bought it in 1978
It sat way to high, I wanted a road race type car, so it needed to be lowered.
It had a lot of go-fast goodies like a 351c engine, Top loader 4 speed transmission & a Detroit Locker rear end so it was a good start.


I added fiberglass flares all around

Also built a fiberglass air dam.
After doing this I realized that I HATE DOING BODYWORK!
After finishing bodywork & painting. This is about 1982
Driving at Sears Point (Infineon) Raceway about 1983.
I'm following my friend Dennis in his Sunbeam Tiger
A 351 Cleveland. It does fit, barely.
Above the carb is a cold air box that seals to the functional hood scoop to get a cooler denser stream of air.
Added Wilwood 4 wheel disc brakes recently
After getting the Wilwoods, I realized that the stock 14" wheels wouldn't work.
I found a place on the web that would make me 17" wheels with the correct offset.
Mounted are Kumho tires
The specs:
351 cleveland bored .030" over, Edelbrock single plane manifold, Holley 700 cfm carb, Accel dual point distributor, Norris cam,  roller rockers, Boss 302 heads ported, polished & cc'ed, custom nickel plated headers. Puts out a measured 285 HP at rear wheels.
Drive train:
Ford Toploader transmission w/2.78 first gear, high nodular 3rd member with 3.70 gears & Detroit Locker
Front, 620 in/lb springs, tubular control arms, heavy duty strut arms, 1 1/8" sway bar
Rear, 200 in/lb springs, 3/4" sway bar

This has taken me years to do, because I've literally done EVERYTHING myself except for some welding and rebuilding the rear end. I've gone through periods of energy and periods of apathy, it sat once for 5 years. I've realized that I don't enjoy working on cars as much as I used to, which is a shame because it's a blast to drive.
I need to have a new exhaust installed to match the new headers, then have the front aligned.
After that a little bodywork & repaint, but I'm going to pay to have it done