Music & Guitar
   I've always liked rock music since back in the '60's. The Beach Boys, the British Invasion, Jimi Hendrix, Creedence Clearwater & Deep Purple were among my favorites.
In the mid 70's I bought a guitar and tried to learn how to play. I didn't give it much effort and gave up after a while.
I continued to listen to rock music over the years, getting more into the heavier and non-mainstream bands, while keeping playing in the back of my mind.
  Fast forward quite a few years, I decided to try to learn again. I pulled out my old Hohner after my stepson gave a brief attempt at trying to play himself. After a while, I decided to get a better guitar to see if I could learn faster so I scored an Epiphone Flying V on E-Bay. Always liked the exotic looks of the V.
  This started something called G.A.S. or gear acquisition syndrome. Since then I've bought more guitars, 2 amps, built a guitar and a bass from kits and a guitar body from scratch. I also bought and built several pedals. Pedals are easier and cheaper to collect than guitars and can be quite fun to play with too.

  As far as the music, my tastes are varied, but I keep on coming back to classic rock and metal in it's varied forms.
Progressive metal such as Dream Theater, Symphony X, Pathosray & Redemption.
Power metal bands like Silent Force, Communic, Stratovarius.
Hard rock/heavy metal like Children of Bodom, Iced Earth, Bullet for my Valentine , Iron Maiden & Kalmah
I also like listening to classical too, with Bach & Beethoven being my favorite composers.

  My favorite guitarists to listen to are: John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen, Brian May, Steve Howe & Santana

1992 Epiphone Flying V
2004 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus
This thing has tone for days, but is a little heavy
2009 Fender/Squire Hello Kitty Strat
Made in Indonesia, but a real nice fit & finish
My SG, made from a kit.
It turned out nice, I replaced the electrics and tuners. It's probably my favorite guitar to play
2006 Fender Strat MIM
Fender Precision Bass copy, made from a kit
My first guitar, a Hohner Telecaster type guitar from about 1975
Still have it. Still in pretty good shape but needs a few new frets
My own design guitar, with a mahogany chambered body and a Telecaster neck.
It's not as attractive as it looked on paper, but I learned a lot making it.
My Guitars
A 2007 Ibanez RGT.
Got it from my daughters boyfriend. He's too busy to play anymore so he gave it to me.